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Welcome to Gospel Spreading Church

Are you looking to recommit your life to Christ? Are you feeling lost and looking for some guidance? Look no further than Gospel Spreading Church .

We are a growing Christian community, dedicated to bringing Christ to the lives of all around us. In the years since our founding we have expanded to 10 locations, and have helped many members of our congregation find their way back to God.

Due to Unforseen circumstances



Gospel  Spreading Church Annual Baptism Service

Sunday, October 12, 2014,  3:00 pm

at:   Washington, DC Church of God

        2030 Georgia Avenue NW

        Washington, DC 20001

        202 387-6419

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 TURN IT UP 4 CHRIST  ~  Focus for September


"Order My Steps in Your Word"

Study : Develop a monthly reading plan for reading and studying the Bible. 

Have daily scriptures readings setup in your calendar.

Tangible Goal: Join this daily reading and study plan even if you were not able to start at the beginning of the month 

By studying the WORD daily you will be able to “ TURN IT UP 4 CHRIST”